Group Classes

Wednesday Class


Location : Tango Esencia Studio- 327 Swan Street, Richmond

Essence Fundamentals Class from 7pm - 8:00pm 

This class is designed for both new dancers as well as those experienced wanting to constantly refine the all-important Foundation movements of Argentine Tango.

Cost: $20  

Thursday Class

Tango Body Conditioning 11am - 12pm

A class comprising of exercises to strengthen and lengthen your body.  We work on exercises to help improve your posture, balance, disassociation and core, all elements required to help you in developing your Tango.

Saturday Classes


Location : Tango Esencia Studio- 327 Swan Street, Richmond

Individual Technique for Leaders and Followers from 1pm - 2pm

Join us for a session of drills and exercises to help you develop and maintain your Tango core techniques.

Intermediate Couples Course 2:15pm - 3:45pm

These classes are focussed on working with couples on ideas based on Tango, Vals and Milonga, with a new idea introduced each week.  There is a deep analysis of all the movements taught in class and how you can incorporate them into your own dancing.

Beginners Fundamentals for Social Dancing 4pm - 5pm (No partner necessary)

Learn the skills and techniques from the beginning of your Tango Journey!  This class will cover the all-important fundamentals beginning with the embrace and Tango walk, right through to navigating the dancefloor while incorporating various movements.

Special workshops and privates are conducted all day, so contact us for the current schedule if Saturday suits you.


For further information, please find us on Facebook under TangoEsencia or call on

0477 997 337

The Essence Fundamentals Class

A new type of class from inspired by ballet and martial arts training programs to work the fundamental techniques of Tango into your body.

Dancers of all levels as well as beginners welcome.

Can be taken together with the Tuesday block of 4 for extensive training

Private Classes

Designed for students of all levels seeking highly personalised tuition and guidance in a comfortable environment.


Our private tango lessons are a great way to consolidate your understanding of the dance, as well as to address specific areas of technique, floor craft or musicality.


All our private classes are taught with both of us present, as we believe that it is the best way given that the lead/follow are very different and specific roles.


For information regarding time and prices, please contact us directly.