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Feedback we have received from participants from the project

Having a partner introduces a social aspect and involves socialising and communication with others

Having physical contact with others in a safe, controlled environment is beneficial to us

By moving to the rhythm of the music, you can get a surprising amount of exercise without realising it or forcing yourself to exercise

The exercise of dancing provides many health benefits  eg. strengthening the core and lower body, exercising the joints, cardio-vascular benefits, etc.


The fact that the Argentine Tango is based on walking makes it accessible to a wide range of people. If you can walk, you can Tango. 


The emphasis on good posture and correct body movement should carry over into our normal lives to improve the quality of our lives


People can work at their own pace to improve 


The whole experience takes us out of our everyday life and gives us a chance to forget our problems

Tango for Parkinson's


Rina is a professional Tango dancer and teacher based in Melbourne. 

After learning about her father’s Parkinson’s diagnosis more than 10 years ago, Rina became interested in how Tango could be used to aid individuals have a better quality of life -specifically, how Tango could be used to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Her work has been shown on national TV shows such as ABC Catalyst and more recently, featured in a story on Lateline in 2016.


The content for Tango for Parkinson’s sessions was first created by Rina and used in a research study ‘Dancing with Parkinson's’ by Latrobe University in 2013. This was an international study conducted by La Trobe University in conjunction with Limerick University and St. John of God Hospital in Venice, looking at using dance to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 

Since then, Rina has been involved in various University research projects She also gives special workshops by invitation (eg. Kingston Movement Disorders Clinic, Calvary Health Care Bethlehem). 

Rina currently runs regular "Tango for Parkinson's" classes in Lower Templestowe. The sessions aim to provide participants with renewed confidence in their walk. They rediscover how to engage the core and are made aware of the importance of posture, resulting in better balance and stability when walking. Add the enjoyment of dancing to the beautiful Argentine Tango music and working with a partner, the weekly classes are also a social highlight for participants to enjoy the dance class in a warm and friendly environment.

Rina was featured on the ABC discussing Tango for Parkinson's which can be viewed at this link...

Also, ABC Lateline did a story on Rina's Tango for Parkinson's titled "The healing power of Dance" and  can be viewed at this link...

Class Information

Every Monday

Location: Lower Templestowe Community Centre

(cnr of Manningham Road & Balmoral Avenue, next to Aldi's parking space in Macedon Square)


Please contact Rina to book your place in the class (0477 997 337)


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